What inspired Fair Hope for Children Initiative?

We all have our beginnings and peculiar stories therein.  Some stories sounds cliché, but, they are specific to the teller. These stories serve as catalysts for future events, decisions and actions. Fair Hope for Children Initiative is no different from the scenario illustrated above. Fair Hope (as shortened) as an organization was established as a result of personal experiences.

Although I currently reside in the US, I was born and brought up in Nigeria. I grew up in a very humble family of low socio-economic status. Back then, I knew I was brilliant academically (people also attested to this), yet, considering my family’s economic situation and challenging circumstances, I had limited chances of achieving my educational desire of accessing quality education. Fortunately, one way or the other, I surmounted these challenges and found myself in the US.

Time passed and I began to wonder about children with similar background to mine. This was the genesis of Fair Hope for Children Initiative. I imagined many kids are out there who are equally brilliant but would not have the opportunity I had. I reasoned that something needed to be done. I wanted Fair Hope to be a voice for these particular children.

Education, as we all know, is a tool, a tool that is a prerequisite for any nation to survive and develop. Without education, the future of a nation remains ruinous and inauspicious, nor can there be any sustainable development. I have personal conviction about education. This is why Fair Hope focuses on ensuring that children, particularly vulnerable children, are supported to have access to equitable education. I see myself as an advocate for basic education. Every child deserves the right to basic education. Every child deserves a chance for a better life through education and an enabling environment to flourish. Unfortunately, the Nigerian system does not take cognizance of this right, and if they do in certain quarters, their effort is deficient.

I see kids wasting out their lives in their thousands, I see girl-child being prostituted, molested and abused. I see youngsters’ fallen victims of social vices and predators. I have seen so much decay in the society as it concerns children. This is my drive and inspiration in establishing Fair Hope.

Over the years, Fair Hope has created a structure where the aims and objectives of the organization are clearly and effectively accomplished through various programmes activities (advocacies, direct social support and research) targeted at nurturing vulnerable children all over Nigeria. It is our vision that the Nigerian society (government, individuals and corporate organizations) will key into these activities so as to ensure that more vulnerable children are enrolled under our service.



Bisi Odeyale

Director, Fair Hope for Children Initiative